Friday, April 10, 2015

Announcing charts for April: Loved You Yesterday and Leave an Imprint

Like I said before...we have a case of baby backlog here at CHS.

Blame this cutie patootie.

It feels good to get these designs rolled out of cold storage.

Without further ado, here is one more month's worth of our latest kid-themed charts.

Introducing Leave an Imprint

and Loved You Yesterday.

My stitchers have, grandkids, nieces, and nephews, and you need some equally cute cross-stitch designs to hang on their walls...right??

Hope you enjoy! We are shipping next week so they should be available for shops to order shortly after that.

Is there a theme you need for your sweetie? I'd love to hear from you.
 Our Owl Birth Sampler and Loved You Yesterday both started as requests from stitchers. Email me at if you need something you just can't find. Who knows--we may be able to come up with something inspired by you!


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