Tuesday, April 16, 2013

March and April 2013 Releases

We are in the process of rolling out a few waves of our existing designs to shops and distributors. Next month we're going to mix in a few newbies along with our existing line to keep things exciting, but for now--here's what is currently making it's way to a Needlework shop near you!

First up--our single owl series. Each owl chart has a partner to make decorating and displaying a little easier for you.

Blue Owl on Branch

goes with
Follow Your Star
Pink Owl on Branch
goes with

Love You to the Moon
We've also sent off the first of a folk art line.
Salt Box Neighborhood
The Simple Life
and our fanciful
Willow Tree Alphabet.
Also sent off to distribution is the first of our Sweet Tweets-- this one is called

The Best Things in Life
Last but not least, we've got a few more owls floating around!
A little holiday fun with our
Christmas Owls

(because really...with needlework, isn't it Christmas all year? :))
these cute little snowbirds do have a partner chart, but it won't be rolling out to distribution until next month. Stay tuned! There will be a lot of wintery holiday designs coming with it!

 Sweetheart Owls



Happy Stitching!